Cosmopolitan Software

This server hosts prebuilt Actually Portable Executables for popular open source projects. Each build artifact is a fat binary that runs on Linux, MacOS, Windows, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and NetBSD for both the ARM64 and AMD64 architectures. We call it The Cosmos. You can think of it as a fat Linux distro we built for fun.

In the Cosmos, every program is statically linked and contains a PKZIP central directory where its /usr/share dependencies are embedded. You can think of it as a coalition of individualistic executables, where each program can be separated from the whole and run on other OSes.


Visit /pub for downloads.

Source Code

Most binaries hosted by this service were built automatically using superconfigure in which you'll find links to each respective project's source code. You can use these build recipes to compile fat ape binaries yourself. Source tarballs for Cosmopolitan Libc releases are available under /pub/cosmo.

Contact Information

The service is owned and operated by the Cosmopolitan Libc authors. Please contact:

Justine Tunney <>

with any questions, comments, or concerns relating to this service.